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Our Annual Christmas Party

We recently held our annual EV kids' Christmas party where 40 children were present and had a great time.

Our Father Christmas presented each of them with a present, chocolates, and sweets.

We hired Jayne to be our party entertainer and the kids participated in dancing, singing, and other games, where they all received prizes.

A unique afternoon spent experiencing the magic of Christmas through the eyes of children.

Kelvin, our line manager of the day, deserves a big thank you for helping us organise and ensure everything was on point. Also, a big thank you to Ana and Nathalie.

This is only possible because of those special people that support us and donate. Thank you

We recieved the following message from a mother after the party:

"Dear Nicole and team, I just wanted to email and thank you profusely for the amazing Christmas party you have put up for the kids. J had a wonderful time tonight and made some new friends. Once I got home, I had a good cry as I was emotional from it all and was very grateful that J got to attend a party this year. Thank you for all that you do. It really is apprecited in moments like these when there are so many of us struggling."

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