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Thank you for supporting our Annual Christmas Campaign

The first post of the year is dedicated to the wonderful people and businesses who have helped us during our Christmas Appeal in 2023.

January is a month that celebrates gratitude and reflection.The foundation has been working hard for months to ensure that our vulnerable community is supported, especially during Christmas.

There's a lot of work to do when it comes to meetings, presentations, events, and convincing others. The year 2023 has been difficult and we are aware that 2024 could be even more challenging. For the past few months, the financial situation has been difficult. The demands and expenses grew each day. We were confronted with a situation where donations were not coming through.

Christmas was approaching and we had to make a decision between buying children's gifts or a fridge for their home. This is why we asked for your support every day. And guess what? We accomplished it for yet another year. Your care and decision to not sit back and let the universe do the good works resulted in this.

The community once again stood shoulder to shoulder, hand to hand, and YOU accomplished it. We did it!

This year, nearly 300 children and over 150 families were given food and gift vouchers. Individuals who have feelings of isolation and loneliness also received. GibSams were able to give presents to every person who attended their Christmas lunch due to our efforts. Clubhouse Gibraltar, Citizens Advice Bureau and the Ombudsman's office received food vouchers to distribute to their vulnerable clients. Clubhouse also received funds to purchase a Christmas gift for each member during their annual Christmas party.

Hands on our hearts, we make every effort to try cater for everyone.

For another year, the vulnerable community is thankful for your generosity. The children we managed to help went back to school today and told their teachers how you made their Christmas magical.

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